We also provide access to a variety of education modules to our employees in order to maintain the appropriate skills training and ensure quality care. This training includes the following:

  • Client and Company Orientation
  • OSHA/Back Safety/Fire Safety
  • Home Etiquette
  • CPR Re-certification
  • Team Managed Care
  • Physical Assessment Module
  • Trach Care / Trach Change / Suctioning Tech.
  • Respiratory Care/Change/Assessment
  • G Tube/Care/ Replacement/Other Devices
  • IV Nursing Care In Home/Waive Testing
  • Foley/Suprapubic Replacement & Care
  • Skills Validation
  • Pediatric Home Care Training
  • Ventilator Equipment / Ventilator Nursing Care / Ventilator Lab/Bi-Pap
  • Other Continuous Inservice Education