Pulmonary Care

With our help. you can manage whatever respiratory illness you have in hassle-free manner.

Having COPD, pneumonia, asthma, and other respiratory diseases require extra care and attention. We at I Am Unique Special Care & Case Management, Inc. understand your plight. This is why we provide pulmonary care services to give you the assistance you need right in the security of your home. Hourly Private Duty Nursing will be provided according to the Doctor’s orders and what is approved by the payor source e.g. insurance company, Medicaid, PDN and Cap C. Our staff members will not only be trained on the equipment specific to your care, they will also educate you on breathing techniques and how you can manage your condition through the proper use of respiratory equipment. That would include education and training on ventilators, C Pap and Bi Pap machines, cough assist machines, inhalation therapy machines, etc.

Our clinical respiratory services are provided to help you manage your lung conditions.

Clinical respiratory service offers clients hands-on care. This service, provided by respiratory therapists, assess and treat your lung condition. Durable medical equipment, such as ventilators and nebulizers, can also be provided for the improvement and management of your situation. If you need this service, you can count on the expertise of I Am Unique Special Care & Case Management, Inc.

For more information on our pulmonary care, you may contact 919-981-0790 or send us a message online.