Infusion Nursing

Our nurses provided infusion therapy in the comfort of your home.

There are certain types of medicines that must be administered using an infusion or intravenous injection. This method is done when a person has a certain condition that can not be treated with conventional types of medicine. A PICC o central line is required and is usually inserted in the hospital. Infusion therapy can be done by visits if approved by your insurance company. If you are receiving Private Duty Nursing you can receive the medicine at home and leave the hospital early.

I AM Unique Special Care and Case Management, inc. knows that you would definitely prefer to live in your home rather than the unfamiliar environment of the hospital. Therefore, we work with the infusion company in order to have the necessary supplies required to administer the medication. Our nurses are trained in our nursing lab with artificial arms to ensure they have the correct technique and their skill can be validation.

If you have more questions, kindly call 919-981-0790.