About Us

Learn more about I Am Unique Special Care & Case Management, Inc.

Our Owner

The founder of I Am Unique Special Care and Case Management, Inc. is Owner/Administrator Janet L. Campbell. Janet began her nursing career after graduating from the University of MO where she received her BS in Nursing.

As of 2018, Janet’s career spans 52 years in Nursing, 36 years in Home Care and almost 25 years with I Am Unique. Her positions have included being one of the first 40 Nurse Practitioners in North Carolina; Coordinator/Instructor of the Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Program at UNC; and instrumental in spearheading the Community Alternative Program. Her most notable assignment was reaching the rank of Captain in service to her country in the Army Nurse Corp in Viet Nam. Janet still believes that, “nursing, especially in home care is one of the most rewarding careers when it comes to making a difference in other people’s lives at a time when they are hurting, vulnerable, and in need of help and restoration.”

Our Company

I Am Unique Special Care and Case Management, Inc. bears the distinction of being established as the first nursing cooperative in the United States and the first home care cooperative in North Carolina. The company exists because of the direction of the Lord, I AM. Every individual is Unique and Special Care is given to each client. The Case Management is delivered with a standard of excellence, integrity, values, and moral ethics, often going beyond what is routinely expected.

Serving both pediatric and adults who are on ventilators with trachs and G-tubes, we believe that our clients are the most important part of our company. With an experienced administrative staff and highly skilled nursing professionals with expertise in client care, I Am Unique strives to provide a home care experience at the optimum level.

The lighthouse stands as a symbol of strength, vision, direction, help and hope to those willing work towards a common goal while glorifying God in the process.

Our Vision

With our emphasis on education, our vision is to be a model agency, a pattern for those providing and requiring the services of nurses skilled in vent management and other areas of highly technical care.

Our Mission

We strive to provide and improve health care services that will be responsive to the community and client’s needs geared for comfort and independence. It is our desire to accomplish this using Godly wisdom and have Godly principles recognizing that no one has ever risen to the real stature of spiritual maturity until they have found it finer to serve someone else than to serve themselves.

Our Corporate Goals
    To provide needed services in the home to clients with serious medical conditions, allowing them to be outside of a hospital intensive care unit or an institution.
    To improve the wages, benefits, training, support, and supervision of the staff.
    To enhance industry practices and regulations.
    To provide individualized training specific to our clients’ needs.
What are the differences between home care and home health care agencies?
  • Home Care Licensure Required
  • Private Duty / Critical Care Nursing
  • Infusion Nursing
  • Pulmonary / Pulmonary Rehabilitation Nursing
  • Ventilator Nursing
  • Private Pay Home Visits
  • Payer Sources: Private Pay, Insurance Assignment
  • Medicaid Private Duty Certified
  • Certificate of Need Required
  • Medicare / Medicaid Certified
  • Home Health Visits Skilled and Unskilled
  • Therapies Provided: PT, OT, ST
  • Some also provide Private Duty Nursing